Renewable Energy

Wah Seong Corporation’s Renewable Energy Division is a leading process and power generation solution provider with a strong track record servicing various industries across the world. We are committed to work with our partners to support and develop renewable energy technologies and initiatives as part of the global drive to create a sustainable future through the efficient use of renewable energy sources.

Headquartered in Shah Alam, Malaysia, our integrated manufacturing complex are accredited with international quality certifications to complement our promise to provide high quality and competitive products and services. We are also supported by a wide network of regional sales and service offices across key markets to enable us to efficiently meet the needs and demands of our clients and partners.

Process Equipment Unit

Since its establishment in 1983, Jutasama Sdn Bhd has been engaged in the provision of specialised process equipment serving the Oil & Gas, petrochemical, power generation and oleo-chemical industries. As a result of our commitment to quality and on-time delivery track record, Jutasama is now a preferred engineering and process equipment provider for many of our regional and global clients. To meet the growing demands of our existing and new clients, we have expanded our production facility by constructing a new water front production yard at Teluk Panglima Garang to cater for the manufacturing of heavy and oversize equipment.

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Agro Engineering Unit

PMT Group is a member of Wah Seong Corporation Berhad and has been a prominent player in the renewable energy and agro-industry sectors since 1983. PMT has built a name for itself in the global palm oil industry specialising in engineering solutions for biomass power plant and oil room processes. PMT also manufactures a wide range of equipment and spare parts for palm oil mills.

Shinko has been our principle since 1989, and in year 2013, PMT Industries Sdn Bhd has inked a joint-venture (JV) agreement with Shinko Ind. Ltd. from Japan to form a new JV company, PMT Shinko Turbine Sdn Bhd, in a bid to combine resources, expertise and capabilities in the manufacture of turbines and other related ancillary equipment, parts and spares. The facility was in full operation since 2014 complete with a fabrication, machining and parkerizing facility for its parts and equipment. Due to higher demand over the years, in 2016, a packaged boiler was installed within the facility for the testing of Shinko steam turbine to ensure flawless operational conditions of the turbine before delivery. Previously, all the steam turbines were sent to a palm oil mill for the testing to be done.

Shinko had been successful in manufacturing and supplying pumps and turbines to marine and general industries since 1938. Using its own technology, Shinko has designed and manufactured more than 10,000 sets of steam turbines since it developed the technology in 1956. Today, Shinko is one of the world's most reputable brands for steam turbines especially for the marine usage. Through this JV It will also provide Shinko with its first manufacturing base outside Japan to increase its manufacturing capacity, establish proximity with end-users and create competitive advantage to promote the further growth of Shinko steam turbines in the agro-based and renewable energy sectors.

Besides being primarily involved in steam turbines, PMT also specialise in the design and fabrication of kernel crushing plants as well as mechanical press machines for oil seeds and palm fibres and various spare parts under the PMT-Dong Yuan brand since 2008. We are today an ISO 9001:2008 certified company and operate from our own fully equipped facilities in Malaysia and Indonesia, and we pride ourselves as one of the most trusted press machine brand synonymous with unparalleled quality, robustness and versatility.

To further expand our product range and to bring a new level of convenience to our customers, we collaborated with Saito Separator Ltd. Japan in 2013, a leading producer of separators and centrifugal systems around the world. Having collaborated with Saito for more than 30 years in various Vertical Centrifugal Systems, the net result was the introduction of the PMT-Saito SID Decanter; a state of the art, robust machine perfect for high capacity, continuous separation of oil, sludge and solids for the palm oil industry.

PMT has 5 operation offices in Malaysia and Indonesia to support clients throughout Africa, Latin America and South East Asia.

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Steam and Energy Solutions Unit

Our steam and energy solutions business is undertaken by Mackenzie Industries Sdn Bhd. Mackenzie specializes in the provision of engineering solution though our customisable boiler system which fired biomass-fuel, oil, gas as well as waste heat in the case of industrial HRSG (heat recovery steam generator). Mackenzie provides complete series of steam and energy system to various industries in the market like oil palm, wood, paper, sugar, oil refinery, power plant and the general industry. Our strength lies in our capability in tailor made solution that offer high availability, reliability and capability to handle combustion of both conventional and unconventional fuel.

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