Training & Development

Developing our people

At Wah Seong Corporation Berhad, our staffs are our greatest assets. We continue to invest significantly in various in-house training and development programs. We encourage our people to look beyond their experiences and current practices and to participate in our continual learning culture to grow further. We pledge to nurture our talents including work shadowing, placements and secondments that will provide our people opportunities to learn from others in different industries and to grow beyond their own capabilities. Every year, training initiatives, including workshops and seminars are available through our Training Menu. The Course contents are regularly reviewed based on the feedback from both employees and Heads of Departments. We view your development as part of our commitment to build a more efficient, highly motivated and talented team that is sustainable in any competitive environment.

As part of the career progression, we also seek to strengthen future leadership pipeline by providing Succession Planning Program that include customized Leadership Development Programs, Coaching & Mentoring programs and Management Development Programs.

What do we offer

Our human capital development repertoire includes:

Sponsorship for Further Education
Management and Personal Development Programs
Various Leadership and Professional Development Programs
Coaching and Mentoring
Examination Achievement Award
Succession Planning Programs

Grow with us

We take every effort to maximize our strength and potential by promoting internal vacancies to our existing talent pool across various business divisions. Our priority is to recognize our talents and empower them to perform to the best of their abilities. With this, we believe we will be able to experience diversity and grow boundlessly.